Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Dubai Water Canal Entry Tickets

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Imagine dining over a luxurious cruise along the modern Dubai water canal, where you get a lovely combination of splendid sightseeing and vintage Dubai. This is no fairy or fiction, but reality.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise takes you on a cruise ride to Dubai. Dubai Canal holds merit for the impact it has brought on Dubai Tourism. On an average day, when the cruise departs, you begin to feel an air of romance watching the coast and the world-class buffet chosen to suit your mood. The sensational cruise alongside the Dubai Marina Promenade is where you will get a breath-taking view of the skyline of Dubai Marina.

When you step into the canal cruise, you are given a welcome with traditional Arabic coffee and soft drinks. The swirling waters and on-board entertainment of Dubai Marina Cruise are different among other cruises in terms of the view and boarding point. As you sail by the Dubai Water Canal, you can’t stop admiring the city lights and the sight of the illuminated Burj Khalifa. Capture spectacular views of the stunning vistas along with tape-recorded commentary.

The cruise is of 1-to-2-hour duration. Sit in the fully air-conditioned lower deck or in the open-air upper deck. On the cruise, toilet facilities are available onboard. Hurry, make your bookings.