Xpark JR Dubai

Xpark JR Dubai

With technology becoming the front-runner in most aspects of life, modern-day kids have little time to spend with nature. When was the last time they played outside as a kid? Are you thinking hard?   


XPark Jr near Kite Beach Dubai is a forest-style playscape or a natural habitat, where your little ones touch real plants and trees, climb wooden forts, make secret hideouts, cross river streams, marvel at birds, bugs, and other living creatures, and enjoy the simple things that make childhood beautiful. 


The Xpark JR organic environment is away from screens. It is a place where rocks become mountains and sticks become magic wands. Everything about XPark Jr in nature, learning, and adventure. 


To put it better, Xpark JR is a space for play, exploration, and imagination in a rough country setting filled with trees, plants, river streams, and a few friendly animals like chickens, goats, and ducks plus all the delights of the outdoors that make for amazing childhood experiences. 


Wooden bridges, tree houses, climbing nets, a sand area, and a mud kitchen are opportunities created for your child’s wholesome fun. Hence the saying that Mother Nature is our best teacher. Birthday parties can also be held at the Xpark JR. Different birthday packages are available to suit your little birthday boy or girl. Book your tickets at XPark Jr and let kids be kids again.