VR Park Dubai Mall

VR Park Dubai Mall

VR Park Dubai Entry Tickets

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How does it feel to view your world upside down? It’s not scary, but an immersive experience you will love to lose yourself in. Explore the largest indoor virtual and augmented reality park in the world, the VR Park in The Dubai Mall. It merges the thin line between perception and reality with its 30 exhilarating rides that invite players to challenge reality.

Catering to all ages, the VR Park offers solo and multi-player experiences with sports, horror, and adventure themes. VR Park offers nail-biting experiences such as hanging onto the Burj Khalifa by a thread, planned with the correct proportion, finishes, look and feel of the Khalifa.

Skip waiting in long lines and visit the VR Park Dubai anytime you wish with an open-dated ticket. The futuristic ambiance and elements of the reality park deliver mind-blowing experiences. As you near the entrance, you will find a huge 90-degree curved LED display screen panel along with Dubai downtown’s cityscape buildings bent upside down from the ceiling to floor. This is the definition of the magnificent experience the bravura VR Park holds for you. From the concept to the details, everything about VR Park signifies unique and innovative design. Hurry! Get your friends and family to join you in checking this exceptional experience.