Museum of the Future Dubai

Museum of the Future Dubai

When in Dubai, most of us associate this Emirates city with religion, cultural impact, entertainment, and iconic construction. The Museum of the Future  Dubai is an exhibition space focusing on futuristic technologies, innovative services, and products.

The Museum founded by the Dubai Future Foundation has three main elements: green hill, building, and void. The museum got formally opened on 22 February 2022, a palindrome date, where the number reads the same backward as forward.

The goal of this iconic Museum is to push technological development, in the robotics and artificial intelligence fields. The museum has held several exhibitions since its inauguration in 2016. One of the impressive exhibition themes held in 2017 was ‘Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050’ which adopted a theme set in 2050 exploring how a human civilization could thrive by applauding and accepting innovations despite global warming and climate change.

The Museum of the Future was designed by Killa Design architecture studio. It aims for a LEED Platinum rating to show its level of environmental friendliness in real estate.

The exterior façade of the building has windows forming an Arabic poem by Dubai’s ruler about the Emirate’s future. The words written on the Museum frontage are three quotes from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

The Museum’s multi-sensorial experience is suitable for the entire family. You will also witness the biodiversity of the rainforest in augmented reality, helping you discover new species. Future Heroes is a kids-dedicated area encouraging young citizens to Imagine, Design, and Build through creativity and collaboration stimulating activities.

Come, prepare for a journey into the future by checking out The Museum of the Future. It is a cross-bridge between the past and the future and an immersive experience for all ages.