Al Montazah Water Parks

Al Montazah Water Park

There is never an end to excitement when you are in the UAE. Sharjah is one such populous city in the Emirates that brings you must-see destinations. Al Montazah Parks, spread over 126,000 square meters, is one of Sharjah’s newest family entertainment destinations. Thrilling rides and magical experiences sum up Al Montazah Parks, where there are no limits to imagination, excitement, and entertainment.

Al Montazah Parks, built-in 1979, is on Khalid Lagoon emerald island. It is one of the UAE’s first adventure parks, boasting two exciting parks within its walls–Island of Legends and Pearls Kingdom.

Each ride that you take in Al Montazah Water Parks has been carefully curated to provide you with a unique and magical experience. The Water Parks have something in store for everyone, including time travel, to name a few. The magical world of The King’s Palace, Mystery River, Sea of Treasures, Flying Carpet takes you to an exciting world. The Water Park’s new theme builds fresh life into the park’s excitement.

Al Montazah Parks take you back in time to experience the mysteries and marvels of the 18th century, through a journey across nine countries, that are wonderfully displayed through stories, fairy tales, and inventions of these countries. That’s why it comes up as complete family fun.

Hop onto The Time Train to travel around the entire Island of Legends theme park. The super engine excites your senses as you make your way around the park. If you are a flowers lover, jump onto the four vibrant Dancing Flowers for a round-about ride that will leave you speechless. Step into the Teacups and toss and turn through its lively colors. The traditional Chinese Dragon Discovery is a ride for the brave, the bold, and the adventurous. The Volcano Tower launches you straight up in the air and gets you down in a few seconds.    

There are umpteen activities to enthrall you in the Al Montazah Parks. It is easily accessible from Dubai, Ajman, and neighboring places in the UAE. Book your tickets now.